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 respect to the following bands and artists for their appearance on stage





cradle of filth, at the  drive in, korn, kyuss, maria mckee, prodigy, chemical brothers, everything but the girl, massive attack, johnny cash, TOO , guns'n wankers, smashing pumpkins, foo fighters, girls agains boys , jon spencer blues expolosion, kiss, nada surf, nashville pussy, rancid, sebadoh, pixies, jeff buckley, yo la tengo, snapcase, dropkick murphys , refused, boysetsfire, satyricon, emperor 

afghan whigs.amen.asian dub foundation.backyard babies.bad religion.beastie boys.biohazard.bjrk. black sabbath.bob hund.broder daniel.built to spill.cato salsa experience.nick cave and the bad seeds.civ.clutch.cumshots.the war.

ddt no more.fear factory.fireside.fishbone.fu manchu.fudge tunnell.fugazi. fun lovin' criminals.gluecifer.the god machine.guttermouth.the hellacopters.hardcore superstar.helmet.the of pain.chris isaak.jaded.jesus & mary chain.jr ewing.jokke & valentinerdene.kung fu girls.leatherface.leningrad cowboys. levellers.lok.machine head.mercury rev.metallica.midnight choir.

the mighty mighty magnet.morphine.motorhead. motorpsycho.mudhoney.nebula.neurosis.
nightmares on wax.nirvana.nomeansno.nofx. heather nova.the offspring.ozzy osbourne.pantera.pearl jam.pennywise.the pogues.iggy pop.portishead.the posies.prong.queens of the stone age. quicksand.

raga rockers.rage against the machine.rammstein.the riccochets.rocket from the crypt. rollins band.salvatore.screaming trees.seigmen.sepultura.sick of it all.sixteen horsepower.slayer.sonic youth.soundgarden.soundtrack of our lives.sugar. suicidal tendencies.tad.teddybears sthlm.thulsa doom.turbonegro.type o negative.u2.urge overkill.unida.urusei yatsura.velvet underground.weezer.the white birch.white zombie.
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