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.also  respect to the following good things




cradle of filth, at the drive in, korn, kyuss, maria mckee, prodigy, chemical brothers, everything but the girl, massive attack, johnny cash, TOOL , guns'n wankers, smashing pumpkins, foo fighters, girls agains boys , jon spencer blues expolosion, kiss,  rancid, sebadoh, pixies, jeff buckley, yo la tengo, snapcase, dropkick murphys , refused, boysetsfire, satyricon, emperor++ 



roskilde, man's ruin, black balloon, tattoos, carlsberg, vif, kozic, teddys, robinet, bar boca, con bar, los lobos, angel's, telenor, dph, sbih, friends & family, cliff burton, demolition man pinball, kyuss
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